The starter guide to Intimate waxing

Intimate waxing is one of those things that people get rather shy about, and there’s honestly no need to. As trends come and go, we mostly want to maintain, shape, or even just get rid of intimate hair, so we want to help you understand why waxing is so great!

Our SS Babes are always surprised to learn that they have several options when it comes to hair removal. Shaving is perhaps the most common and well-known option, but the results aren’t long-lasting. This is why many of our customers turn to sugaring and waxing when they want to deal with intimate hair.

Intimate waxing involves hair removal from the pubic region and many even just choose to start having a bikini shape, rather than complete hair removal.

The typical intimate hair removal terms are:


Bikini Wax - A standard bikini wax is a basic shaping of pubic hair into a neat upside-down triangle shape to the edge of the panty line, perfect for beginners!

Brazilian Wax - A Brazilian wax takes away all the hair off the bikini line leaving a small strip on the front. Hair is removed from the front all the way round to the bottom area, this is incredibly popular, and was made famous by lots of celebs. 

Extended Bikini Wax - Like the above, but the extended bikini wax takes the sides of the bikini line in deeper than a regular bikini wax leaving a more defined triangle with narrower edges.

Hollywood Wax - The Hollywood wax removes all hair from the front, round to the bottom – so you have no hair at all. 

Why is it good to wax you ask?

  • Having less hair in the pubic area is hygienic, and it helps to keep the area dry and clean.

  • Since hair is pulled out at the root when waxing, it doesn’t grow back as quickly, or as thick. Over time this keeps getting thinner. 

  • The more bikini waxes you get, the easier they become! This is because the hair follicle weakens, causing the hair to grow thinner, less pain and less hair! WIN.

After the waxing treatment:

  • Every person's skin behaves differently to intimate waxing. So in terms of a reaction, your skin may end up with some irritation or redness as the skin can be distressed after the first couple of waxing treatments, but we offer aftercare advice to help soothe your skin.

  • You may also experience some itching as the hair breaks through, but effective aftercare will alleviate any discomfort, and over time this does lessen.

  • Pain thresholds are different for each person but our waxing therapist is trained in techniques that offer minimum discomfort when performing intimate waxing treatments.

Things you need to know:

  • The hair needs to have between 5-10mm length to be waxed and for your first few sessions the longer the hair, the easier the wax! 

  • Depending on how much hair you have and which treatment you need, a waxing treatment can take anywhere from 15 minutes for a basic bikini wax to 45 minutes for a Hollywood waxing.

And as always, you’re welcome to pop in and speak to our trained specialist therapist about Intimate Waxing and to book just call us, or click here to book.

How does eyebrow threading work?

The popular technique of Threading is a centuries-old hair removal process stemming from south Asia and the Middle East.

Perhaps one of the reasons Threading has been gaining popularity is that the hair removal tool in threading in nothing more than thread held between a technician's hands in a twisted configuration. 

As the technician moves their hands, spaces open between those twists and then tighten again, grabbing and holding onto hair, and pulling it free from the root.

This technique is very precise and allows the technician to have greater control over which hairs are removed, and the cotton enables you to be precise with the removal of hairs meaning the perfect shape every time.

Since threading is performed with cotton thread, it won't accidentally grip the edge of a follicle or scratch skin making it a kinder hair removal for the face. Some say that Threading is less painful than tweezing or waxing, as it's fast and doesn't involve tugging on the skin. However, the reality is that any form of hair removal that pulls the hair from the root is going to involve some pain.

That said it’s popular for a reason, and the precise nature of the eyebrow shaping teamed with how quickly technicians can work, make it a favourite for creating the perfect brows. 

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